Yaadcore Wants You To Answer “The Calling”

Reggae artist Yaadcore is channeling a reggae/hip-hop fusion for his latest release “The Calling”. Co-produced by Haitian-born Young Zoe Beats, “Ready Now” producer Ian McKee and Yaadcore himself, the single takes on a retrospective tone, speaking to creatives who look to answer their proverbial ‘call’.
“I want people to connect with the song and realize their calling. To listen to the call – ignoring the discouraging talks and obstacles,” Yaadcore said. “Once there’s life, there’s hope… wah nuh dead, nuh dash it weh.”
Yaadcore teased “The Calling” on his Sumn Different mixtape, premiered by LargeUp to solidify the partnership between 12 Yaad Records and Delicious Vinyl Island.
“The Calling” is available now across all streaming platforms.
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Kenny Smith