Uppsale Reggae Festival 2020 suspended

Through this statement the production of Uppsala Reggae Festival reported its suspension:

Dear URF family,

It is with heart failure that we write this inevitable message 😢

We have explored all possible alternatives but now after careful consideration and dialogue with all concerned, we have unfortunately concluded that it is not possible perform Uppsala Reggae Festival 2020 due to the prevailing situation.

We investigated the implementation of the festival at a later date in the fall, but it also does not appear that the product is feasible.   In addition to Sweden’s restrictions we are also dependent on many other factors, e.g. artists can get a visa to leave Jamaica (will be much more difficult now), availability of flights etc…  So even if Sweden were to open up for events, it would be extremely difficult to implement URF.
For those of you who have already purchased tickets, they are valid at URF 2021 🙂

We need your help to ensure the continuation of the festival!
Uppsala Reggae Festival is a festival with limited financial strength, it is run by us enthusiasts and is mainly funded by ticket sales. This means that we already have a lot of costs and no festival to cover these costs. It’s a tough situation for the culture now.

First and foremost, we want to show our joy and gratitude that many of you have already heard, and offered to support us organizers in these difficult times of donating your tickets. Many thanks!
Support URF if you have the opportunity, by either donating an already   purchased ticket, or retaining it and visiting the festival next year, it is valid at URF 2021 🙂

We miss our beloved URF family and the summer will be empty without you but what is important now is that we protect our elderly and the remaining in the risk group and stay home and look to the next year.

We will see you July 30-31, 2021 when it is exactly 20 years since the first URF went off, and it will certainly be something out of the ordinary, and we have already signed the first artists.

Unity is the strength of these trying times ✊🏾
Take care of each other and let us look forward together to brighter times ❤️🌿

One Love
Uppsala Reggae Festival Crew

See you July 30-31, 2021

MORE INFO: http://www.uppsalareggaefestival.com

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