Nature Ellis

Andre Ellis, more popularly known as Nature Ellis, is a free-spirited individual and positive songwriter who delivers his music with great passion. He hails from the beautiful parish of St. James in Jamaica but live in Kingston City half his life

He attended Glendevon All Age, St. James High and also did some music theory at Herbert Morrison High, with a teacher there by the name of Mr. Mathew after winning a scholarship in singing and writing music in the year 2002 at the Pier One Party Centre in Montego bay, show which was put on by the Record Label Danger Zone Production, while at the same time being taught how to control my voice by Mr. Bob Williams. But it did not start there, the first time he held a microphone in his hand was at Glendevon All Age School at about age nine (9) after being selected to represent his class with a singing piece at the school’s yearly concert, and that’s where he first realize his talent on stage as an Artiste and Performer.

Within that same period of time he was handed a microphone at a street dance in his community (Glendevon), where he grew up and the rest was history after his melodious voice excite his small audience which was mostly community members, credit to the sound system owner mostly known as Rocky who owns the sound system call Black Arrows which said “Give the youth a chance to hold the microphone and do a song”.

Shortly after the 2002 scholarship Andre Ellis now Nature Ellis had to get a job at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Rose Hall Montego Bay, where he was a Machine Operator in the Laundry; because it was a tough time and Nature Ellis needed money to help support himself and help with the bills at his family house where he was living and grew up in, but after a few months to a year he could not bear working in a hotel when all he could think about was music and singing on some major stage, ministering to the people with good music – said Nature Ellis.

By that time he had about three (3) books filled with lyrics (songs) that he wrote in the late 2004. He went to Kingston for the third time with the intention of staying in Kingston no matter how hard and tough it may become.

After a few months of being in Kingston, I did some recording with Mr. Lloyd James (King Jammy’s Label) where I gained a lot of experience regards to recording.


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