Lion Powda “A reggae tribute to The Doors”

Lion Powda presented his new album, A Reggae Tribute To The Doors. The Philadelphia-born artist teamed up with a selection of Argentine musicians to cover Morrison’s band. The result is a great album: “A Reggae Tribute to The Doors”. The album features Lion Powda on voice, Alejandro “Mono” Avellaneda on drums, Hernán “Don Camel” Sforzini on percussion, Pablo Lara on bass, Santiago Lara on rhythm guitar, Pedro Oholeguy on keyboards, Pehuen Innocenti on keyboards and lead guitar, as well as Sergio Colombo on sax as a special guest.

“Imagine if Jim Morrison had gone to Jamaica and there was a reggae record!” Says Lion Powda about the sound of this album.

After living most of his adult life in the Caribbean, Lion Powda became interested in the fusion of reggae with other popular music. A Reggae Tribute To The Doors is the direct result of that fusion and with that Lion Powda will try to show the world that he can sing to the Doors like no one else.

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