Jim the Boss

Similar to the antics of Scratch Perry who has been purported to do some crazy things …..Jim uses a few unconventional tactics and items to achieve the different sounds he is looking for.” – Rootfire.net 

Jim the Boss is a dub and reggae producer, engineer and musician who is known for his throwback 1970s Channel One style recordings. Owner of Hoboken Hi-Fi, a strictly reggae recording studio in NJ, the sound employed through their many recordings and collaborations are achieved by their influence of Jamaican recordings and 60’s American soul. They approach the music from an “old fashioned” way of thought, minimal microphone techniques, utilizing simple effects such as tape delay, spring reverb and monophonic masters. 

Many have traveled from across the globe to record with Jim and his crew. From France to Brazil to England to New Zealand. If someone can’t acquire the correct visas, Jim brings his sound to them. Jim has worked with up and comers such as Yellam, Sananga, and King Tappa as well as legendary reggae musicians such as Sly & Robbie, Cornel Campbell, David Hillyard, Dubmatix and Victor Rice. 

In 2016, Jim the Boss was nominated for an Independent Music Award in the “Best Compilation Album” category for “Hudson Soul” album as well as a French Award for the same album. He worked on “Dubmatix Meets Sly & Robbie” which earned a Juno Award. Most of his releases have topped charts for iTunes, Juno, and Beatport. 

While on stage, Jim the Boss prefers to use his analog equipment to live mix his riddims and collaborations with artists. Sometimes he may bring a featured singer such as Alex Tea of Sananga or King Tappa, and on rare occasions, he brings out the studio band, known as The HiFi Rockers, and live mixes them using a specialized technique that makes the band sound just as they would in the studio. Jim has played on the Soul Dragon and House of Roots Soundsystems as well as toured with bands such as David Hillyard, Kiwi, King Tappa, B. Davis, and more. 


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