Jah Bouks

Humble, determined, multi-talented and focused, that’s Jah BOUks. Determined to make a difference in the world through music. Jah Bouks has never strayed from his chosen path. inheriting his passion for music from his father. Born Worin Gerol Shaw in Winschester, St Thomas Jamaica, Jah Bouks, started doing music at the age of 12 years old. “There was a sound system in the yard by the name of Black Atani, and I WOUld listen to artists like Peter Tosh and Welton Irie and be inspired,” Jah Bouks reminisced.
Jah Bouks relocated to Portmore, St Catherine where he performed at many community stage shows in around the municipalities of Jamaica.

It’s no surprise that he is one of the most sort after artist. Jah Bouks now has eye set on touring the United States, UK Portugal, Senegal, Gambia, and Angola in the up coming year. Since, this artist has made tremendous strides to the joy of his fans. He has captivated audiences attention with his performances in the Caribbean, Canada, and Europe. with a now extensive catalog of hits such as “Pretty Rebel” , ‘Toil”, No Slave” & “Let Mi GUh” Jah Bouks under the guidance of Sunizes.

Jah Bouks made shrewd decision to enter a major competition, Magnum Kings and Queens which was exactly the break Jah Bouks needed. The day after the competition, the video for his now number one single “Angola” hit every television station in Jamaica. With his memorable performance still fresh in the minds of music lovers, “Angola” soared to the top of the charts overnight.

Definitely not a one-hit wonder, Jah Bouks seems to be just getting started. It’s hit after hit for this talented artist. Songs like, “Going Home,” “Cry fi di Youths,” and “Don’t Cry” are in steady rotation everywhere reggae music gets its due respect.


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